who is responsible for this

How to murder

Step 1: put the knife right in
Step 2: take the knife on out
Step 3: put the knife back in
Step 4: and twist it all about
Step 5: do the hokey pokey and he's probably dead.


The Doctor Who Fandom

my tumblr relationships

me: omfg ily i swear we're like long lost twins or something your blog is my life
me: also what is your name

website: You have to be over the age of 18 to enter this site.
me: haha lol yeah sure i am *clicks*
me: wait i'm 20 years old


Harry Potter drinking game: chug the whole bottle when dobby dies because when dobby dies you die too

Into the Woods, 2014 (x)

Me: I want to see my OTP in this angsty situation
Me: *sees OTP in angsty situation*
Me: I don't even know what I was thinking this is terrible


Does anyone else hear this in your head?

         Because I heard it like 50 times over the course of making it.